Creativity and Technology: Apps

Creativity and Tecnhology

This week I wanted to honour Steve Jobs and talk about technology and creativity. His thinking managed to change the way the world thought about technology and encouraged people to love what they do and be more creative in their daily lives. One of the biggest outputs of this was the development of apps, apps that were functional, playful, factual, education… “There’s an App for that”.

This week were going to look at how app technology has developed and has been so ingrained in people that it’s almost the joy of apps that makes people want to purchase an iphone or ipad as well as the joy of using.  Not only that but it’s the public, developing apps based on a personal need that consequently is a shared need.


Scandinavian Airlines – The Time Killer

This little time wasting app is slightly clever as isn’t actually targeted towards its audience but more its competitors. The whole idea here is to poke fun at their competitor airline customers suggesting to customers that they’ll need this app as their flight will most likely be delayed and they’ll need something to kill the time.

Lynx Auto Flirting App

Another little cheeky app from LYNX which allows you to flirt with multiple women at once. All you need to do is create a flirt list then answer a few questions about them and then program in how much of a flirt you want to be. A fun social app developed to allow you not not waste the potential that LYNX gives you.

Lego Meets Augmented Reality App

This is a new avenue that Lego are exploring to rebrand themselves and introduce themselves into the innovative world of gaming. What’s so charming about this app is that it’s all about simplicity, accessible to all age groups.

Snapette – Fashionista App

One for the fashionistas – Snapette helps users browse shoes and bags or post photos of ones that they like, sharing trends. They have also partnered with different boutiques which provide exclusive collections to explore, along with top brands and bloggers.

Piggie – Consumer App

This is a great consumer app which allows you to keep track of where you’re spending all your hard earned pennies.

National Geographic App

I’ve included this final one because out of all the ones I’ve personally encountered so far, it’s my favourite. Not only does it have beautiful images of the planet but it also has a lovely interface where the customer is invited to swipe and explore all the different corners of the world.

Happy Friday!


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