This week we’re delving into the world of holograms to see how brands have used them and how they’re evolving to become even more powerful forms of engagement in the future.

Girls Aloud and Sunsilk

First up is a storefront takeover for SunSilk. The brand ambassadors, Girls Aloud, performed a sneak preview of their typical pre-performance antics at the Superdrug Store on High Street Kensington for all to see…

Burberry Holographic CatWalk

Next, Burberry pulled on the resources of holographic images to celebrate the launch of a new flagship store in Beijing. They staged a ‘holographic’ catwalk that combined both real and holographic models – hopefully you’ll be better than me at working out which ones are real and which are holographic!

RealFiction – Coca Cola

RealFiction have also engineered the use of holographic images to showcase brands products. The example below is for Coca Cola which demonstrates how the product can be brought to life by changing the animation around it.

Holograms you can touch

And finally, to show how holograms will become even more interactive in the future, here is an example of how Japanese researchers have created holograms that react to touch.

So who knows, next time you’re out and about you might have to do a double take to make sure you’re walking past a real object/person and not a hologram!

Happy Friday!


~ by skysfridayblog on September 30, 2011.

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