This week we’re going to look at how brands are using crowdsourcing to collate content to use in campaigns. This idea of using alternative methods such as their consumers helps to bring fresh content to consumers in a new way. And allows them to engage with the brand.

The Vaccines Music Video

The British band The Vaccines are using this technique to create a music video for their upcoming single ‘Wetsuit’. They’re doing this by using photos shot by fans using Instagram which is a platform which allows people to share photos

The concept is simple. By asking fans to tag their photos of music festivals with #vaccinesvideo, the band is able to collect shots to make an animated video. In an effort to capture the perfect summer music experience, they are looking for photos of bands, tents, fields, mud, thrills, spills; pretty much anything that gets across what it feels like to be knee deep in a summer festival.

Just image if you found yourself in a music video….

Crash the super bowl

As we know the Superbowl  gathers huge hype in America with over 160 million people watched the Superbowl last year. This means that the commercials are invaluable to brands.

Utlising this fact Pepsico plan to show six user generated commercials.  The challenge was for the public to choose which brand they wanted to make a commercial for; Doritos or Pepsi Max and create a action packed funny commercial , If you commercial is voted in the top 6 you’re commercial will get played: infront of 160 million people! A great use of crowdsourcing and gaining even more recognition, allowing the public to have some control over the advertising space

Bombay Sapphire

Bombay Sapphire’sImagination” campaign drew upon its Facebook fans’ participation to inspire the visuals of the campaign. Users were invited to share their creations and artwork to be used in a 3D projection show which was unveiled on the 8th June at London’s Battersea Power Station.

Imogen Heap Album Campaign

For her latest album Imogen Heap is pulling on the resources of her loyal fans, and anyone else that fancies claiming their moment of glory within the music world, by creating a dedicated microsite which cleverly uses hashtags to collate all the ideas. Each day, fans are tasked with a different challenge e.g. Day 1: upload a sound clip, Day 2: Send in buzz words, Day 3: Send in photographs to be used on the album cover, Day 4: Upload videos for the music video, and so on. Imogen then uses all these ideas to create each song on her album. A great way to avoid doing all the work yourself!

Here’s a link to the microsite which will be starting work on Heapsong3 on 19th September, so check back then if you fancy joining in.

Pril – German washing up liquid

And finally, to show how crowdsouring doesn’t always bring the best out of brands, here’s an example from Pril, the German washing up liquid brand owned by Henkel. Henkel launched an online campaign allowing users to design their own ‘individual’ bottle using a tool set with mostly predefined graphics to stamp on the virtual label. The two designs with the most votes would then hit the shelves in October.  However, one customer that found the idea of predefined shapes boring decided to pick the freehand pen from the creative tools and came up with the design below (it reads ‘Chicken flavoured Pril’). He then asked his followers on Twitter to vote for it, sending it shooting into the top 10 designs and sparking a whole raft of other spoof designs.

Happy Friday everyone!


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