Retail and Digital Innovation

This week is all about the retail industry and how it’s going digital to make shopping experiences more tailor-made and fuss-free.

Acure vending machines Japan

With facial recognition proving to be popular on Facebook,  it’s used in this vending machine in Japan.

With an embedded camera, this touch-screen machine scans the customer’s face to find out his/her age and gender to make beverage suggestions.

Digital signage by NTT Docomo, Japan 

Another innovative idea from Japan using the same concept:

The Japanese technology company, NTT Docomo is developing digital signage that recognises the number of people standing in front of it with the embedded camera. Imagine this: you’re shopping with your friends, you’re peckish and happen to stumble across the digital sign that suggests you and your friend have lunch at a restaurant nearby because they’re doing a promotion. Very helpful!

NG Connect’s Virtual Personal Stylist

Tired of waiting in the fitting room queues or even dragging your feet to the shops? With Virtual Personal Stylist, you can try clothes in the comfort of your own home without taking them off.

NG Connect has created this platform that scans customers’ body to get accurate measurement and creates a life size avatar on the screen.

You can browse clothes, get expert style and make-up advise from professionals via video and even make purchases.

Kraft Foods and Intel’s Next Generation Meal Planning Solutions, US 

From a personalised look, you can have personalised recipe suggestions. Kraft Foods and Intel have collaborated to create the Next Generation Meal Planning Solutions that intend to help shoppers at supermarkets decide what they should make for dinner. Recipe suggestions are based on demographic information that matches your age and gender when scanned. To make your experience even more personal, you can present your supermarket loyalty card, Kraft’s iFood Assistant mobile app or browsing history on

New window shopping by Franhofer Institute of Germany

Aimed to revolutionise shop fronts, the Franhofer Institute of Germany has created this prototype that allows potential customers to browse through an entire catalogue with the wave of the hand. Other features include trying out different colours, rotating items for a 3D view and zooming in for a closer look.

New Mango MNG App for iPhones

Finally, a little something for those who want to be up to date on the latest Mango clothes. The new app allows you browse through the  new collection, watch style tip videos but the most exciting aspect would have to be the ‘Mix & Match’ tool. By uploading a photo of yourself in the interactive fitting room, you can ‘try on’ Mango clothes and then save items that you fancy in the Wish List for purchasing later!

Happy Friday!


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