Viral Videos

The internet has always been a powerful source of content. This teamed with an ever increasing array of social media sites and a rise in the percentage of Smartphone ownership means content is shared and viewed by thousands of people instantly, where ever they may be.

So, to make everyone’s Friday slightly more entertaining after all the dismal rain we’ve had this week, we’re going to take a look into how various brands have harnessed the power of the internet to promote themselves via videos.

First up is Samsung. Samsung have produced various videos with two of my favourites being the ‘Sheep LED Art’ back in 2009 for their LED TVs and the more recent ‘Unleash Your Fingers’ which has been used to promote the Galaxy Sll phone.  Both these videos are entertaining with the fireworks in the sheep video being particularly impressive!

Sheep LED Art


Unleash Your Fingers


BMW has also had success in channelling the power of the internet to promote itself. In this case they have focused slightly more on brand by using their cars to publicise their power and agility.

BMW Wall


BMW Helipad


A slightly more comical video produced by the English National Opera shows how strange all our online connections and interactions sound in the real world by bringing Facebook and Twitter to life in the streets.

Will you be my friend?


Another fun and light hearted series of videos was produced by Volkswagen, known as The Fun Project. These videos are based around the fact that by making things fun you can change people’s behaviour. The ideas range from a speed camera lottery to an arcade bottle bank. My personal favourite is the piano staircase.

Piano Staircase


And finally, to hopefully leave you with a truly feel good factor this Friday, here is a video from Coca Cola which proves that not all is bad in the world.

Reasons to believe


Happy Friday!


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