Branded Mobile Apps

This week we are going to have a look at a couple of branded apps that deliver an engaging mobile experience.

According to new statistics from analytics firm Flurry, the average mobile user now spends 81 minutes per day on mobile apps compared to 74 minutes spent surfing the Web (both desktop and mobile). This is the first time that mobile apps usage overtakes surfing according to the source.

So with mobile apps becoming a more and more important part of our daily lives, many brands are now trying to profit from this opportunity of engaging consumers.

The Lynx Stream

Lynx have recently launched a mobile app that allows users to track all their mobile activity on a big night out. The app acts as an aggregator by compiling tweets, Facebook posts, photos, videos, texts and check-ins onto the stream, giving users the option to generate a cool video at the end. The idea behind the app is innovative and by allowing users to re-live unforgettable nights out, the brand successfully generates an engaging and unique experience.

Pringles: The Crunch Band

Another great example of a truly innovative mobile app comes from Pringles. Their Crunch Band app allows users to play a selection of different instruments and works by using the accelerometer to make different sounds. The app allows users to plug it in to packets of Pringles that then act as a loud speaker. In addition, there are added bonuses for scanning the bar code of Pringle packs to unlock new features and badges inside the app.  The app is a really smart way of engaging with consumers and linking the Pringles brand with the music festival season this year.


The NikeID Store app allows consumers to customise shoes on the go. The app is very clever and has a bunch of cool features such as point-n-shoot which allows users to take photos and use the selected colour palettes from photos to customise sets of shoes.  The app also allows the sharing of designs with friends via social networks, and consumers can purchase their custom made shoes straight from the app. Singles Finder, Argentina’s top dating website, has recently released the Singles Finders mobile app. The app aims to assist single people with finding the perfect date by telling users the exact amount of single people in different locations. This is an innovative and engaging app that will certainly create some buzz.

Pizza Express

The final app this week comes from Pizza Express. Their recently launched app offers a world first, by giving customers the option to pay their bill automatically through PayPal in restaurants around the UK. In addition, the app also enables customers to find and book a restaurant table, view menus, and store special offer codes and receipts. This is certainly a great and innovative mobile app that simplifies the paying process in Pizza Express restaurants.

Have a great Friday!



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