Guerrilla Marketing

For this week’s post we’re going to take a tour through some of the best and most original guerrilla marketing campaigns of the past few years.

Guerrilla Marketing was invented as a way of promoting products and services without the need for big budgets or fancy equipment. All you need is a vivid imagination and a bit of time on your hands.  The aim is to provoke thought within the consumer, which in turn generates a buzz and excitement surrounding the brand in question.

The campaigns are usually positioned in locations to catch people by surprise, so at the train station or in the park. The idea is that when you’re not expecting an advert you’ll be more likely to enjoy it and process the message.

Here are some examples that you may find interesting…

True Blood Billboards

The TV series ‘True Blood’ set up these clever but quite chilling ads in New Zealand. Fans of the show will know that wooden stakes serve as the only weapon to successfully kill vampires; so the missing stakes are slightly unsettling!

Nivea ‘Goodbye Cellulite’ Sofa

These sofas were positioned around the ‘Miami Fashion Week’ event to promote Nivea’s ‘Goodbye Cellulite’ product. Using an everyday object to represent a skin issue has worked well in this case, especially the comparative aspect.

Caribou Coffee’s life sized oven

Caribou Coffee in Minneapolis designed bus shelters resembling ovens, to promote their ‘Hot n Wholesome’ menu range. The great thing is, these shelters also doubled up as commuter heaters – perfect for those cold winter months!

Honda Civic – Cereal Freebie

This imaginative campaign for Honda Civic in Canada was executed earlier in the year. It plays on the excitement we all had as children to find a free toy in our cereal packet. I’m pretty sure they’re not planning to give Hondas away, but the execution is great and it’s an eye catching and original idea.


Have a break, have a sit on a Kit Kat bench

Not a good place to sit if you’re feeling hungry! This Nestle Kit Kat bench shows the simple use of an everyday  object which fits the product perfectly.  With Kit Kat’s famous slogan ‘Have a break …have a Kit Kat’, what could be more appropriate than a bench?

Bus Stop Scales

The Dutch city of Rotterdam saw these rather humiliating bus shelters appear in 2009. If travellers wanted to sit down to wait for their bus they would be weighed by the hidden scales and their weight would appear on the screen for all to see. Yes, this may motivate people to join a gym, but humiliating people into joining your gym? I’m not sure if I’d want to give Fitness First my money after that…

Need a new BBQ?

These two are perhaps the simplest idea we’ve seen so far. At first glance these look exactly like barbeques. Once you realise they’re drains it prompts an element of disgust at the idea of grilling your food on a waste disposal area. This in turn might make you question whether your barbeque is in good shape. All in all, this is a really good example of minimal budget creating maximum impact in a campaign.


Unicef Dirty Water campaign

Guerrilla marketing can be used for a good cause as well; Unicef created a huge buzz, raised awareness and funds for their ‘Tap Project’ by setting up this dirty water machine in New York.  Check out the video here:

What do you think of these examples? Reckon they’d make you like a brand, or would you be more influenced by a big budget TV ad?

Happy Friday!



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